Chapter 12 finished!

Chapter 12 is finished! Well, since my last post chapters 10, 11 and 12. Didn’t you know? This is all I ever work on anymore. I finished chapter 11 while I was in Peru, that’s how obsessed I am with this nonsense.

But it’s fun! I enjoyed writing this part, all the characters are all mixed up and adventuring. Finally got to commit to paper some of my favourite scenes… Scenes that I never properly wrote out before because I always gave up by this point. Plenty of fight scenes in this book, too. My favourite!

Pagecount total so far: 527 eughghghghg 

Book 1: 164

Book 2: 167

Book 3: 196 ouf. 

I blame the last two chapters being over 50 pages each, those jerks! Jerk chapters.

75% complete though— Only four chapters to go! *__*

ONWARD to the thrilling conclusion of some sort. :O :O :O

18 November 2012 ·

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